martes, 12 de junio de 2012

Former miners and trade union supporters in the UK the Spanish Miners /Mineros británicos en solidaridad con los mineros españoles

El internacionalismo, uno de los sentimientos revolucionarios más genuinamente obrero. He aquí una muestra actual. Un grupo de ex mineros ingleses, junto a sindicalistas y simpatizantes, han constituido un comité de apoyo a la huelga que mantienen los mineros españoles, desde el que se comprometen a hacer campaña para extender la solidadidad."Los solidarios del Reino Unido con los mineros del carbón españoles saben muy bien las consecuencias del desmantelamiento de la industria del carbón", afirman en una carta que ya ha sido enviada a los sindicatos implicados en las huelgas de Asturias, Aragón y León

Former miners and trade union supporters in the UK last night launched the Spanish Miners’ Solidarity Committee in Sheffield, Yorkshire

The Committee pledged itself to campaign nationally in the UK labour and trade union movement and
in the mining community for solidarity with the striking miners and their families in the Spanish Asturias,
Aragon and Léon coalfields.

UK supporters of the Spanish coal miners know only too well the consequences – economic, social and
political – of butchering the coal industry.

Today there are just a handful of deep mines in the UK. This is all that remains of an industry that even 30 years ago employed more 200,000 men.

In its place, there is only mass unemployment, poverty and social deprivation and decay. That future
faces the Spanish miners if they are defeated

The Committee has also committed itself to raise funds for the families of the striking miners, an effort that
has already begun, and maximise assistance to their just struggle.

A letter of solidarity, signed by former miners and miners’ leaders from the main UK coalfields and other
trade unionists, has been prepared and will be sent to the Spanish miners’ organisations during this

The Committee’s efforts have already won the support of the internationally renowned film-maker Ken
Loach who asked us to send this message to those struggling in defence of pits, jobs and communities in

His message?: ‘"Not for the first time, it is miners who fight on behalf of all working people. This crisis
causes such misery through mass unemployment and attacks on working conditions and the social wage.
The responsibility lies with the ruling class and those who defend an intolerable, unjust system. Good
wishes and solidarity"

Two representatives of the committee, which was launched by the Miners Info network, will travel to Spain
for discussions with Spanish miners and their families later this week.